Del. Nr. Del. Name WP Del. date
D1.1 Project presentation document (project fact sheet), website public, intranet active WP1 M03
D2.1 Report on system specifications WP2 M06
D1.2 Data Management Plan WP1 M06
D1.3 Interim progress report (confidential) WP1 M09
D2.2 Report on component specifications WP2 M12
D3.1 Report on design of optical components (confidential) WP3 M18
D6.1 First report on dissemination, exploitation and standardisation activities WP6 M18
D1.4 First periodic report WP1 M18
D4.1 First report on the electrical design (confidential) WP4 M24
D5.1 Report on basic component characterization WP5 M24
D2.3 Report on techno-economical evaluation WP2 M30
D4.2 Final report on the electrical design and the process development (confidential) WP4 M33
D3.2 Report on III-V growth, molecular bonding and silicon photonic components (confidential) WP3 M36
D5.2 Report on component-level and single-channel characterization (confidential) WP5 M36
D6.2 Second report on dissemination, exploitation and standardisation activities WP6 M36
D1.5 Second periodic report WP1 M36
D3.3 Report on III-V-on-Si direct growth (confidential) WP3 M42
D4.3 Report on the final fabrication process and ePIC integration (confidential) WP4 M46
D5.3 Report on established packaging concept (confidential) WP5 M46
D3.4 Report on active III-V device fabrication on EPIC wafers (confidential) WP3 M48
D5.4 Final report on system level validation (confidential) WP5 M55
D2.4 Feasibility study and implementation roadmap WP2 M56
D6.3 Report on dissemination, exploitation and training events WP6 M56
D1.6 Final periodic report WP1 M56