As DIMENSION will establish new III-V on silicon processes to be integrated into the IHP BiCMOS technology, the project faces a combination of challenges. First the III-V on silicon process technology has to be verified and subsequently it will merged into the IHP BiCMOS process. To handle both aspects in DIMENSION, the project duration was set to 48 months. The different work packages are interdependent via a number of milestones, which in fact constitute the exchange of information and/or of devices. WP2 will define the specifications and the relevant architectures of the integrated transceivers including specifications for the electronic circuits and the photonic structures that will be implemented in WP4. WP3 will further develop the molecular bonding technique and will also investigate a novel direct-growth method of III-V directly on silicon WP4 will implement the electronic and photonic designs, incorporating the technologies developed in WP3. At a first stage, electronic reference circuits will be fabricated in WP5 and fabricated in WP4 in a conventional MPW shuttle run at IHP. Once the photonic base technology developed in WP3 is ready, the electro-optical circuits will then be implemented in WP4 by co-integrating electronic and photonic devices with a unified back-end wiring scheme. WP5 will continuously measure and characterize optic, electric and electro-optic circuits provided by the technology-oriented work packages WP3 and WP4. WP5 will then measure and evaluate the demonstrators fabricated in WP4. To enable continuous improvements of the technology, WP5 will provide feedback to the design-WP2 and the technology-workpackages WP3 and WP4. Dissemination and exploitation is continuously carried out in WP6. Even during the project, the results obtained will be disseminated. At the end of the project the final demonstrators will be evaluated on their performance, manufacturing yield and total cost. Based on the outcome of this assessment a product implementation will be evaluated. The coordination and overall managment of the project is carried out in WP1.